BC Made Rapid Build Post and Beam Construction System

Get the Advantage of cost control and speed with our Patented 10×10 Fir Beam with integrated polyurethane insulated (semi-structural) Post and Panel Construction System.

Builders can conserve resources and shorten the lead time to occupancy. 

The pressure injected closed cell polyurethane insulation ensures a safe, airtight, mildew free home. With proper roof and siding applied, private insurance evaluators rate the Trinity envelopes to yield an expected one hundred(100) year life span for the completed structure.

The Trinity IPP system exceeds all National and Provincial building code and insurance fire safety requirements, and when combined with other proven reliable construction components a Trinity Insulated Envelop is Passive Home/ Energy Star capable, LEED and Built Green compatible.

Follow this link to view a 16-page digital flip-book of completed projects over 1,200 square feet to get a good idea of the long lasting product we help our builder clients produce.

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