OUr Heritage

Keepin' it CAnadian

Located in 100 Mile House, BC Trinity Post & Panel is proud to be pioneering new construction innovations and combining existing technologies to form a shell package that surpasses code and provides a viable alternative to consumers, developers and builders alike.  


From 1998-2008, Owner and Founder Ken Harper was drafting and designing homes for the log home industry with his companies Forte Design Services and then Telqua Log Homes. Not only were his homes in demand in Canada but they were also shipped to Japan, Alaska and the USA.

Adapting to change

However 2008 also brought new building codes that were being implemented and higher energy efficiencies were becoming mandatory. The log home industry began to decline. Ken knew there needed to be an alternative to deliver timber themed homes that surpassed the energy efficiency requirements.

And thus, Trinity Post & Panel was born!

OUr Evolution

starting from scratch

Trinity Post & Panel’s evolution spans over 8 years of progressive ideas, research & development, patenting, product testing and output. Originally the insulated panels were purchased out of the USA however that was agonizingly slow with limited flexibility. And as the company began to grow the goal was to produce all the IPP® system components in-house.  


In July of 2016, Trinity made a milestone purchase of 30 acres of industrial property in Lone Butte, BC, just outside of 100 Mile House. The property contained a medium sized building for our own panel facility and a timber shed for the timber production. Since then Trinity’s team has been spearheading production of polyurethane wall and roof panels and the ever-popular structural timber components! 


Just as Trinity was setting roots, the summer of 2017 inflicted massive wildfires which devastated our region. It not only impacted local businesses, families and local wildlife but BC’s timber industry as a whole. Though difficult Team Trinity alongside our valued supporters were resilient and persevered to keep moving forward! 



Trinity is striving will have training opportunities in many departments of the company including panel manufacturing, timber production, design and drafting, and assembly. Training for pre-work and finishing work in conjunction with a Trinity shell is also on the radar. 


Teamwork is the inner core of a company, each new challenge that arises only provides new precedents to be set for moving forward. Team Trinity is passionate about seeking new ways to improve in all departments and this requires an incredibly dedicated and flexible team! 


Trinity wishes to increase local employment and bolster local business. Trinity buys local at every opportunity. 

OUr mission:

to produce a viable
energy efficient Timber housing solution &
share it with the world


Dennis was alongside Ken from the beginning and was always a Trinity believer and supporter.        He brought 50 years of timber and lumber industry knowledge into the company as well as his doting and beautiful wife Jean. He was always there to spur you on when you when you needed it most. Don’t let his height fool you, he had a fiery attitude  and didn’t take guff from anyone while his vision never wavered to push Trinity forward. He was loved dearly by all of us at Trinity Post & Panel and he and Jean are incredibly missed. Thank you for all your wisdom, honesty and integrity Dennis, until we meet again.