A new Approach to beautiful HOMES

IPP® Building system

INtegrated post & panel

We are combining an elegant and rustic Timber frame structure with state of the art polyurethane insulated panels to create a long lasting, durable, energy efficient and affordable building envelope.    


What sets us apart


Our post and panels are pre-cut to fit your plan of choice using the latest in technology in a controlled environment for the very best results.


solid fir timbers

Our fir timbers are notched the full length, centred allowing our panel to slide into place exposing our timber on both the interior and exterior of the home. We also locally source interior fir from First Nations lands, air-deck the timbers and choose the best selections for your home. 


polyurethane panels

With our custom press we produce up to 16′ x 9′ Polyurethane insulated panels from 2 1/2″ thick up to 8″ for maximum insulation value. Polyurethane has R-values up to R-7 per inch of thickness.  

Affordable, Rustic & LuxurIOUS

Yes, you can afford this!

The Trinity Post & Panel System is competitive with traditional framing and cost far less than any comparative timber product in the industry.  

rustic style

Cozy and contemporary styling gives Trinity Post & Panel a unique look that is distinct and incomparable. Our homes have an exclusive signature appeal that stands out among all other homes.    

Products & SERVICES

IPP® System