What is Integrated Post and Panel (IPP)?

The Integrated Post and Panel (IPP) system from Trinity is a new system of construction that combines energy efficiency, speed of construction and affordability.

Outstanding Differences

The patented IPP system combines the strength and beauty of Post and Beam construction with the energy efficiency of Polyurethane Structural Insulated Panels. This airtight technology delivers sustainable savings and quiet comfort using reduced mechanical systems and substantially less energy to heat or cool a building. The simplified Post and Beam design and OSB Panel skins use less timber and new growth forest resources creating an eco-friendly, recyclable and longer lasting building.


Fixed Cost Budgeting

Every IPP project offers many advantages over traditional framing.

You can budget and plan with predictable certainty, reducing cost overruns, trade delays, overlaps, inaccuracies, errors, material waste and costly downtime. The IPP building envelope installs quickly and replaces a spectrum of trades and materials. This translates into a larger portion of the project completed in less time with airtight accuracy.

As a result, your project runs smoother easing coordination and scheduling tasks. Interior and exterior trades can start and finish sooner improving output capacity, while simplifying tasks with opportunity for reduced expenses.

What benefits does the IPP system offer?

The IPP construction system's use of existing materials is innovative and flexible. Existing designs can easily be adapted to support IPP innovations.

Sustainable Benefits

Your projects now offer more value for every consumer dollar spent. Buyers will realize ongoing benefits. Supplier rebates, energy saving initiatives, less operating cost, less energy use, increased comfort and safety are immediate benefits. Extra usable space and a longer life cycle including a higher resale value makes investing in an IPP built home a lasting advantage for many generations to come.

IPP offers:

How is the IPP system supported?

Elevating IPP Certified Developers and Builders that utilize the IPP construction system is our goal. Our coordinated marketing support system will help direct prospects and buyers to your projects. Incentives for Certified Developers and builders include execution of a media campaign surrounding the IPP features and benefits of your projects. Media kits, Sales Center materials, co-op programs, and Real Estate Agent Incentives will help present and sell each project. Roof Raising and grand opening events will resonate with the media, the public, the industry, and buyers through social media, online and offline marketing strategies. Trinity's IPP Certified Developer and Builders will receive buyer leads generated from our sales funnel opt-ins. Reciprocal links on our websites can feature IPP advanced technology along-with your company profile.

Time is Money

The Intelligent IPP Integrated Post and Panel system...

Quiet, Strong Eco-friendly and Airtight Technology

The patented IPP system combines the strength and beauty of Post and Beam construction with the energy efficiency of Polyurethane Structural Insulated Panels.

Build it Smart

The Integrated Post and Panel IPP construction system provides advanced solutions un-matched by conventional stick framing:

IPP makes the Builder's job easier, too. Finding a unique selling proposition is becoming more of a challenge. The extensive features and benefits of Trinity's Integrated Post and Panel construction system will help place your projects in a desirable position.

Advancing energy smart knowledge in building technology will appeal to media, eco-friendly consumers, new buyers and industry enthusiasts.

If you're a builder committed to customer support and building eco-friendly and energy-smart home, contact us about becoming IPP certified and take advantage of his patented solution. You'll gain recognition as a leader utilizing this most advanced level of engineering and technology available. You'll  gain a competitive advantage that will garner respect and desire from customers that your competitors are not able to deliver.

Our First Movers Advantage program puts you up front in practice and profit. You'll learn that the IPP system is less expensive and many times faster to construct than equivalent Mid-High Level Stick Built or higher end Timber Frame projects. Contact us for full details.

Integration = Fewer Parts, Less Waste

The IPP Exo-Skeleton is simplified with less parts and job site waste. Your environmentally friendly job site is cleaner and safer with fewer material deliveries that save time, money and trips to waste disposal.

What an Integrated Approach Means

Engineered Natural Timber Designs Integrate with Energy Efficient Insulated Panels Delivering Multiple Consumer and Builder Benefits.

Building Envelopes Deliver Sustainability

Smart, Fast, Easier, Economical, Strong, Durable, Beautiful, Eco-Friendly, Airtight, Long Lasting, Compliant, Simpler, Safer, Cost Saving, Quiet, Qualified, Low Impact, Sustainable, Competitive.

Automated processing

IPP Architecturally engineered blueprint data feeds automated CNC processing machinery, for precision cut output of timber frame components and connections. Solid wood is pre-cut, stacked and air dried for quick processing of size, length, detail and species.

Precision Panels

IPP Polyurethane foam panels deliver impressive R-Values with adhesive properties that penetrate directly into the OSB or Magnesium Oxide Board skins. This extremely strong bond out performs lower quality Polystyrene SIPS slabbed with a separate adhesive that can delaminate. Our IPP polyurethane foam is free of CFCs, VOCs and HFCs, resulting in one of the greenest foams available today.

How Trinity is Integrating Eco-friendly Value

Next generation buyers appreciate the value of smart construction technology, green building initiatives, energy conservation and safety

Deliver More Value

Trinity's Integrated Post and Panel technology (IPP) combines the aesthetic appeal and strength of natural timbers, with performance features of Structural Insulated groove connections slip fit into and over patented timber channels increasing strength and energy conservation. Assembling in record time with precision accuracy, IPP's building system will lead an evolution of new construction technology and deliver competitive advantages to developers and builders.

Value added Performance

R-Values. At over R-7.5 per inch, the IPP system exceeds the newest building code regulations at R28+ for 4.5-inch walls and R40+ for 6.5-inch roof panels, resulting in an airtight home saving occupants money and creating comfort.

Polyurethane foam has one of the lowest moisture permeability ratings of any product in the building industry today. The permeance rating is 1.2. No pests, No allergens, No dust, No Mildew, No Mold, No Off-Gasing or PCBs.

Fire Resistance. With a Class 1 rated foam, the highest rating a building product can obtain, polyurethane is not a source for fire. On its own, it will not burn and will extinguish itself. Polyurethane is a thermal-set plastic, which will not melt. At 1000 degrees it will only char. An impressive 2 Hour fire rating that provides extra time and safety!

Sound Proof. IPP's Inert Polyurethane foam has a density of 2.2 lbs. (twice that of EPS foam), resists most chemicals, and provides quiet comfort.

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