Virtual Walkthrough

Join us for a walkthrough of the Trinity Show Home at the 2016 BC Home & Garden Show in 1st Person Perspective.

The 'Kitwanga'

This 'Hyperlapse' tour focuses on the integrated post and beam construction, demonstrating the solid quality of Trinity homes.

An Integrated Approach

How is Trinity supporting the builders?

Engineered Natural Timber Designs Integrate with Energy-Efficient Insulated Panels.

Our goal is to Elevate IPP-Certified Developers and Builders by providing them with a concrete advantage. Our coordinated marketing support team will help direct prospects and buyers to your projects.

Incentives for Certified Developers and builders include continuous media exposure surrounding the IPP-related features and benefits of your projects.

Media Kits, Sales Center Materials, Co-Op Programs, and Real Estate Agent Incentives will help with presentations and pre-sale of each project. Roof Raising and grand opening events resonates with the media, the public, the industry and, above all, the buyers. This is achieved through the use of the social media as well as through online and offline marketing strategies.

Trinity's IPP-Certified Developer and Builders will receive buyer leads generated from our sales funneled "opt-ins". Reciprocal links on our websites will feature IPP-advanced technology along with your company's profile.

How We're Integrating

Integrating materials and machines

Solid wood is pre-cut, stacked and air dried for quick processing, according to species, size, length and detail.

IPP Architecturally Engineered blueprint data feeds automated CNC processing machinery for precision-cut output of building's timber exo-skeleton components and connections.

Integrating precision with energy efficiency

The patented IPP system combines the strength and beauty of Post and Beam construction with the energy efficiency of Polyurethane Structural Insulated Panels.

This airtight technology delivers sustainable savings and quiet comfort by substantially reducing the energy requirement and the reliance on mechanical systems to heat or cool a building.

Integrating materials and design

The simplified Post and Beam design and OSB Panel skins use less timber while creating an eco-friendly, recyclable and longer lasting building with options for spectacular cathedral spaces.

Integration Means...

How Trinity is Integrating its approach to building with Community and Eco-friendly Values Next generation buyers appreciate the value of smart construction technology, safety, green building methods, energy conservation, and humanitarian initiatives that transcend home communities and reach out into the corners of the world. Currently, we are working on expending our involvement with the third-world fresh water supply systems.

The Integrated Post and Panel system, as the name implies, integrates materials at the factory level.

At the building-site level, the IPP exo-skeleton means Fewer Parts and Less Waste. The job site becomes more environmentally friendly by virtue of being cleaner and safer with fewer material deliveries that save time, money and trips to waste disposal.

Likewise, at the community level, we endeavor to go beyond the physical structures in order to impact the community in a positive way. Getting involved in training, consultation, affordable housing, etc., are some of the ways in which our approach to building becomes a metaphor for our involvement in Community life.

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