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Trinity Post and Panel is the creator of the patented IPP®️ building system.

With our revolutionary new building system, construction of your new home goes from several week process down to a number of days.
Our integrated post and panel homes are structured to exceed qualifications set by Energy Star, R-2000 and Leeds, made to provide the most protection and energy savings per square foot of all our competitors. 

Our structures can be built to meet any design requirements, and can be  setup to completion in a number of days.                

The following  videos will explain the details of our system and introduce you to the setup and features of the Display Home we provided for the 2016 BC Home & Garden show.
It will give you and overview on how we can provide such an exemplory product for such an affordable price.

Introduction to IPP©

Time-Lapse Setup of the Display Home

Hopefully you had a chance to view our Display Home at the Vancouver Home and Garden Show from February 17th 2016 to February 22th 2016.
In case you missed it, enjoy this Time Lapse video which covers the total setup of 18 Hours for the main building.

"Open House" on GlobalTV

GlobalTV Interview with Tyson Kidd, BC Home and Garden Show Manager, inside the Trinity Post and Panel Display Home.

Residental ...

... or Commercial

Our Patented IPP®️ System is easily adapted to fit your building needs, wether it is for a small get-away cabin in the woods, or your new large and luxurious home in the suburbs.

Commercial Developers can choose to build anything from duplexes to lane-way homes or townhouses - the IPP®️ System covers your needs.

The Trinity IPP®️ System with Charmaine and Ken

Join Charmaine Lang, Senior Account Executive, and Ken Harper, CEO, as they introduce Michael to the Trinity Post & Panel Display Home and Building System.

Features & Benefits


IPP® Integrated Post and Panel is a construction system that integrates post and beam construction with structural insulated panels or SIPS. The IPP® system consists of a post and beam timber frame, innovative sealing system and polyurethane insulated panels. This combined building system is stronger than conventional construction, Energy star rated and very cost effective. IPP® is the only system of its kind anywhere in the world and is only available at Trinity.

Patented System

This new and innovative system is exclusive to Trinity Post and Panel. IPP® or Integrated Post and Panel® is one of the only patented construction systems in the world. This all-encompassing construction system consists of an engineered Post and Beam frame with Trinity’s exclusive notch and sealing system.  

Design Flexibility & Possibilities

​Trinity’s IPP shell is a simple, effective unique way to build. IPP® provides the benefits of post and beam house with the cost of traditional framing. IPP® comes out of the box with vaulted ceilings and exposed timbers throughout. Different arrangements are available depending on the client’s requirements or taste. IPP® has the ability to add an addition or add doors and windows without having to totally reframe or restructure the wall. Simply build out or cut the window or door out of the panel and insert the framing material.

Trinity IPP®️ is compatible with, but not limited to:
  • Condos
  • Multi-level housing units
  • Lane way housing
  • Single-family dwellings
  • Resort Developments
  • Tiny Homes
  • Duples, Four-plex
  • Commercial applications
  • Custom Home building
  • Developments
  • Insurance burn replacements

Fast & Easy Assembly

​IPP® is designed to be a fast and efficient way to build. To achieve this, houses are designed in a 3D CAD environment. After the design and engineering are complete a CNC machine precisely cuts out the pieces. The pieces are then labeled and shipped to site. These steps ensure ease of assembly. IPP® units construct in considerably less time when compared to conventional building methods. Lockup can be achieved in days, not weeks. Limited onsite cutting minimizes onsite waste and the need for a dumpster. Trinity’s IPP® is a simple easy build design.


​The IPP® system is to be mass-produced in a plant by a team of experts utilizing state of the art computer controlled Equipment. The timbers used, are purchased in bulk locally and processed in house by Trinity personnel. This “mass-production” model allows Trinity Post and Panel to be competitive in an evolving marketplace. Making our products accessible to everyone, and helping to perpetuate a greener way to build.

Reduced Construction Time

The Integrated Post and Panel® system is comprised of two parts, the posts/beams and the panels. The assembly of the parts is much like assembling a building block set. Simply follow the directions and the labels attached to the pieces. By pre-engineering everything Trinity takes the guess work out of building, its just a matter of set up. This method allows Trinity structures to be built in reduced time when compared to conventional methods.

Shortened Exposure to the Elements

By assembling the shell rapidly, exposure time to the elements is greatly reduced. The risk of wood rot and mildew is minimized. And crews are able to work inside sooner, making the site secure and keeping the interior materials dry.

No Job Site Waste

The IPP® system is manufactured in a controlled environment thereby reducing waste on the job site. This means less cleanup and higher productivity.


All materials utilized in the Trinity system are fully recyclable. The OSB can be broken down and burned for energy in the plant. The polyurethane can be broken down and re-introduced into the panel making process. No other building system offers this advantage.

Vaulted Ceilings

Although IPP® units are built without framed trusses, IPP® can utilize them if the client so desires. The IPP® rafter system allows for the insulated panels to sit directly on top of the beams. This gives a cathedral vaulted ceiling finish in all structures. Only IPP® offers custom, vaulted ceilings at no additional cost.

Pre-Planned Electrical

The insulated panels arrive pre installed with electrical conduits and boxes. Having these items pre installed makes wiring the structure easier than in conventional construction. No drilling or screwing required, simply fish the wires through the conduits, connect and install fixtures. Conduits and boxes are installed with insulation surrounding on all sides, this eliminates potential for drafts or air leakage.

Greatly Reduced Trim Work

The triple notch groove that is exclusive to the Trinity IPP® system allows for the post to accept the panel, Drywall and siding. By allowing the drywall to tuck into this groove it reduces the trim work vastly. No crown moldings required reducing material costs on finishing. Exterior siding tucks into grooves on the exterior of posts and beams, minimizing the need for trim. Thus providing a fast neat and tidy appearance.

Overall Higher Value

​Timber frame and custom post and beam style housing traditionally appraises at a higher value than framed houses. This truth combined with specifications that exceed all building codes, IPP® structures fetch a higher appraised value when compared to comparable building techniques. Trinity’s IPP® system is the only system available that increases in equity once built.

Highest R-Value 7.5 per inch

​The polyurethane insulation used in the IPP® system is the best in the industry. Spray foam insulators use the same material when spraying attics and foundations. The IPP® panels are injected with polyurethane at the factory. No structure is required in the panels because of the timber frame. By doing this Trinity virtually eliminates thermal bridging across walls. Creating a highly efficient building envelope.

Greatly reduced energy cost

​Timber frame and custom post and beam style housing traditionally appraises at a higher value than framed houses. This truth combined with specifications that exceed all building codes, IPP® structures fetch a higher appraised value when compared to comparable building techniques. Trinity’s IPP® system is the only system available that increases in equity once built.

Utilizes less timber than traditional framing

Trinity structures are an Eco friendly alternative to traditional construction. The IPP® system uses less wood than traditional framing and are more energy efficient once built.

Hypoallergenic/Pest Resistant/No off gassing

The insulation used in the IPP® wall panels is a hypoallergenic substance. Polyurethane is dense, non-toxic, material. Wall panels filled with polyurethane have no space or material to support pest infestation, and provide no off gassing.

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